Eva Materials

Brand : Haowei

Product origin : Jinjiang, China

Delivery time : 7-30 days

Supply capacity : 2,000 tons/month


Eva materials: being used in making slippers, the outsole of sorts shoes, rubber foam sheets, car mat, road block, mud barrel and other EVA materials. We can make different materials as clients' order.


Waterproof: EVA plastic material has closed foam pole structure. So this material is non-water absorbent, moisture-proof and water-tolerant;

Corrosion resistance: Resistance to sea water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemicals corrosion. It is also non-toxic, tasteless and pollution-free;

Workability: Without joint, easy to hot-press, clipping and adhesive;

Shockproof: high rebound elasticity and tensile strength, toughness and buffer performance;

Heat preservation: perfect thermal insulation, excellent protection against low temperatures and resistance to cold and exposure.

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