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Eva Hot Melt Adhesive Powder

Brand : Haowei

Product origin : Jinjiang, China

Delivery time : 7-30 days

Supply capacity : 2,000 tons/month


EVA has a very good flexibility and compression properties,  

With rubber-like flexibility, transparency and gloss are very good, 

good resistance to chemical corrosion, 

It has Multi-Color and anti-aging and ozone; 

It can meet the food-grade environmental requirements.


EVA has better elasticity than polyethylene (LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE), has better flexibility than polypropylene PP, does not appear stress whitening, anti-stress whitening and so on.


EVA foam is used as padding in equipment for various sports. For example, It is typically used as a shock absorber in sport's shoes. 

It is used for the manufacture of floats for commercial fishing gear such as purse seine and gillnets. 

It is used in the photovoltaics industry as an encapsulation material for crystalline silicon solar cells in the manufacture of photovoltaic modules. 

EVA slippers and sandals are popular, being lightweight, easy to form, odorless, glossy, and cheaper compared to natural rubber. In fishing rods.

EVA is used to construct handles on the rod-butt end. 

EVA can be used as a substitute for cork in many applications.

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