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We are a set of professional recycling, reproduction, sales through-train service shoe base, construction in March 1999, more than 10 years of professional experience in the recovery of EVA professional. Its main products are divided into EVA trim, EVA milling, EVA thin cloth, EVA thick cloth, EVA side material granulation, EVA granulation and so on. Production of new products in terms of appearance to the quality of the industry has reached the best level, the products are sold to more than 10 countries and regions at home and abroad. Hao Wei Quanzhou is the first use of shoe materials recycling production of environmentally friendly enterprises, creating Quanzhou shoe industry in the field of environmental protection, the first precedent.


Products can be used for EVA injection, EVA granulation, secondary foam, sheet, plastic products, electric shell line, and so on. New products since the advent of the same industry users of all ages, to produce the end, slippers, etc., the appearance and quality have reached the original standard, but also effectively reduce the cost of the use of new products after the real appearance of the United States , Good quality performance, low cost. New products in the market has set off a boom.


The strength of the company, strong technical force, the scale of production considerably, adequate supply, quality and stability are guaranteed. Sincerely welcome new and old customers at home and abroad to come to my company to negotiate, order, visit.


Entrepreneurial spirit

    Cohesive, rigorous, pragmatic and innovative

    Agglomeration: cohesion of the common efforts to gather the wisdom of the group, survival and competition, inseparable from the concerted efforts of the enterprising

    Rigorous: the quality of products and services meticulous rigorous and harsh, and always we continue to develop the source and the driving force to the needs of customers for the development of enterprises at the core, we focus on the staff of the technical level of rigorous requirements and improve the moral standards of service, Diligent, dedicated, meticulous work of the rigorous style of the company staff to become realistic and progressive code of conduct.

    Pragmatic: hard work to pay, the performance of the harvest, truth-seeking, pragmatic, together into the enterprise's constant spiritual power and code of conduct.

    Innovation: the pursuit of technological innovation, product innovation, grasp the fleeting development opportunities, based on the ever-changing market competition, go all out to create a better business development and hope.

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